Hack Belgium

<p>Every year we help hundreds of people and organisations to launch successful new projects. And not just any type of projects: new businesses that tackle societal challenges, are financially sound and use the latest technology to create great impact.<br /> <br /> For us, innovation is a capability. It means having the motivation, the knowledge, the skills, and the network to generate promising ideas and turn those ideas into something tangible and valuable for your career, your business and the wider world.<br /> <br /> 3 DAYS TO CREATE A PROJECT OF YOUR OWN<br /> <br /> Day 1: EXPLORE<br /> Come up with powerful ideas that tap into real opportunities for innovation, get inspired and motivated to start working on your favourite idea and finally form a team.<br /> <br /> Day 2: BUILD<br /> Stretch and develop your idea by applying new technologies, learn the business and design skills, meet experts and mentors. Everything you need to turn your idea into a solution and a viable project.<br /> <br /> Day 3: LAUNCH<br /> Present your project in front of an audience of experts, jurors and peers. They give you feedback and advice about how to take your project to the next level beyond Hack Belgium.</p>